taking the cringe out of tech so you can get back to your biz.

what i do...

website design.

other tech.

pinterest management.

i help soulful entrepreneurs who don't want to mess with tech. so you can stay focused on what's important to you.

does the thought of logging into your website send chills up your spine?

do you even want to know what email integration is?

are you someone who has no desire to do the techy stuff and you just want to get your biz moving?

i've got you, babe

as the intuitive tech witch, i take the overwhelm out of website development and tech and pinterest management.

i help you tune into the spirit of your website and put the technology you need into place, and put together a strategy to help you grow your biz.

we’ll develop a website that’s coded with your brilliance.

"holy smokes, technology is easyyy"

- you after getting in with the intuitive tech witch

do you have a project you're ready to hit go on?