3 Easy Ways: How to develop intuition with exercises

how to develop intuition exercises

The subject of finding intuition sets my soul on absolute fire. Probably because it has taken me the better part of my life to actually find, listen to, and trust that voice. 

The excruciating part about that is that I know there are so many women out there who are in the same position as I was. Lost, confused, feeling crazy, alone, unsupported, and unloved.

I honestly didn’t know that I had a connection to God, the Divine, Spirit, Intuition, or whatever you want to call it. Growing up Catholic, I always had to go through the priest if I wanted to have my prayers heard…that’s a discussion for another day.

I was not taught that the only thing I had to do to connect to my highest truth was quiet my mind. Meditation or yoga or even listening to myself wasn’t something that I ever learned how to do. 

So for the women who are in the same boat I’ve been. Who feel like they don’t have a connection with their intuition. Or who have an inkling that something might be there but want to grow that connection.

I have some easy, easy, easy ways to connect to your intuition. 

First, we address the inner-hater

But FIRST, let me talk to that voice you have that questions if you are doing anything right.

You know the one that creeps in and makes a mockery of you when you’re trying anything new. The one who acts like this is a crock of shit or tells you that you look ridiculous.

HIIIIII hater, I see you! And I just want you to know that this is one thing you actually can’t get wrong. Not even one bit wrong. Crazy, I know. But intuition is a journey that we get to make up!

Whatever comes up, whatever you feel, it’s right! So if you feel a rush of energy moving, tears, if you see images in your mind’s eye, if it feels like you are literally just making shit up, and even if you feel nothing at all?! That’s right too!

And how dang awesome and empowering is that?!

How to develop intuition exercises!

Now, on to the good stuff…how can I easily connect to my intuition?

Go play

  1. Go play. I’m serious. Go find a swing, a trampoline, a basketball hoop. Find your husband and play tag with him. Stuck inside at work? Imagine yourself playing. What was your favorite game when you were a kid? Think about what it felt like to play that game. The feeling you get when you play or think about playing? It’s your intuition, babe.

We all have intuition and I think one of the most important things to know is that you are connected to it. You do have it. When you are smiling so bad your face hurts. Or you look at someone you love so much, you feel like you’re going to burst. Or when you are having so much fun that you are losing track of time. That is intuition.

Write it out

  1. Journal. Get out a pen and paper and just start writing. Write about what you had for dinner. Or the problems you are having with Aunt Sally. Or how stupid it is to be writing when you don’t have anything to write about. Eventually, all the bullshit will dissolve and some pretty awesome, otherworldly things will start coming out. It’s your intuition, babe.

Our brains run the show a lot of the time and our brains are primitive. They are always, always creating drama or problems. They’re always wrapped up in who said what. How who reacted. Can I actually take these two vitamins at the same time?

But when we can sit down and let all those mile-a-minute thoughts out, our brain runs out of shit to throw at you and your intuition, and your connection can take over. Intuition is the one solving your problems. Or reminding you that it actually doesn’t matter who said what. You are safe in this, and every, moment, especially when you ask your intuition to come with you.

Find that beauty

  1. Look at something beautiful. Bust out your phone and pull up pics of your hubs or kids or fur babies. Look at some pretty green plants. Read some poetry or look at some art. The feeling you get as you look at these things? Peace, calm, tranquility…you guessed it…it’s your intuition, babe.

When you can get swept up in something’s beauty, so bad that you aren’t actually thinking about it, that’s connection. And when you find yourself marveling at how annoying someone is, the best route out of those thoughts and feelings is to follow your intuition.

And following it with the beauty of a life that you’ve created is one of the best ways to access it. Feeling thankful for your fur babies or kids or husband, tapping into the divinity that is plants growing in nature or houseplants that you can actually keep alive. Those are the feelings worth living for.

Make intuition easy!

The thing about intuition is that it sounds so otherworldly. So it’s easy to make it seem like it’s so far away or hard to connect with when in reality, we are way more connected to it than we think. Using easy, fun practices like playing, journaling, and feeling make intuition much easier to grasp.

And it also makes it more tangible. Your intuition WANTS to play with you, it wants you to tap into the beauty of your life. It’s also literally ALWAYS available to you. It is not hiding in some far-off land, waiting for you to come over hell or highwater to find it. It’s just inside, all you’ve gotta do is ask for it and then let it show you the way.

If you are someone who struggles with finding and listening to your intuition, I’d love to help you. I am an intuition ignitor and have programs that will help you uncover your inner goddess. It’s my mission to help as many women as I can with this work so if you are interested, book a free 30-minute zoom call with me here.

We’ll move you forward with just one call, I promise.

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