5 inspirational life lessons to get you ready for the 2020s

Looking at the end of 2019 has me more excited about the future.  However, I’d like to give this decade its due. The 2010s shaped me. Molded me.  Changed me. Inspired me. So I’ve compiled a list of inspirational life lessons I’ve learned over the past decade.

In the 2010s, I did all “supposed” to’s.  Graduated from college. Moved across the country (and back, with a few stops in between).  Found and married my soulmate. Started and finished my corporate career. And, I (finally, after years of trying) became a mom.  

I had my highest of highs in the 2010s.  And some of my very lowest of lows. How did the 2010s shape you?

Life is a choice.

No, we can’t choose every little thing that happens to us.  But our choice, and our power, reside in how we handle what is thrown our way.  Sometimes, shit sucks and you want to feel bad about it. And you are absolutely allowed to feel shitty about shitty situations.  Not one thing wrong with that! However, constantly feeling shitty is gonna culminate more shittiness. So, trust me, most of the time, it’s better to dust yourself off and find the opportunities.

Show up as yourself.

It’s so much easier.  And more fun. And honestly, if someone doesn’t like you for exactly who you are, they were never meant for you anyway.

Take the next small step

Stepping outside of my comfort zone is something that I’m a total newbie at doing.  I have no idea what I’m doing most of the time. But I’m taking those next small steps.  Eventually, those small steps add up to miles. And the worst that can happen is I can end up back where I started.  Which isn’t even true because by then, I’m a whole new me, with new experiences.

Curiosity is so much fun

Life got so much more fun when I started to get curious.  Curiosity about my reactions. Curious about feelings in my body.  Soaking up the different parts of life that I’d really never paid attention to…it’s amazing stuff.

Presence wins…every time

Presence helps you realize that in this moment, you are perfect.  Divinely taken care of and supported. All the shit you’re worried about doesn’t exist in this moment.  Focusing on the present moment helps you create more peaceful present moments. It’s science.

My favorite of the inspirational life lessons is that life is a choice.  I’ve shown up for my life this past year and I’ve chosen my path.

Your life is your choice.  How are you going to show up?

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