6 powerful tips that have you preparing for IVF like a badass, without sacrificing your sanity

Let’s take care of your mental and emotional health as you’re preparing for IVF

There is a lot of stuff you can do when you finally get to the preparing for IVF stage.  Eating right, low impact exercise, taking vitamins. What about how you prepare your mental and emotional space?

When preparing for IVF, taking care of your emotional and mental health is the most important thing you can do.

Here are six strategies to use in preparing for IVF:

1: There are going to be emotions when preparing for IVF

Lots and lots of emotions.  The IVF process in general is a lot to carry. Then add in hormones doing insane things to your body.  Trying to deal with all this isn’t easy. Find a mantra that soothes you or a song you can listen to that will ground you.  Going into the process with this prepared will bring you back to earth when you are feeling disconnected. Now when you feel an inkling of losing your shit, bust out your mantra or song.

2: Bring on the compassion

Start packing on compassion for yourself and where you are in your journey.  Blaming yourself leads to holding on to a bunch of garbage that’s way too heavy. You don’t need that energy in your life.  Compassion is a higher feeling vibration. Turn inward to see how you can love yourself more, better. How can you give yourself extra attention? 

3: Give your body some extra special love while preparing for IVF

Work on connecting and listening to your body.  It gives you feedback at every second of every day if you are willing to listen.  Your body is going to be stressed through this process. Getting to know it and respecting what it needs will ease some of the tension.  Additionally, there are tons of studies and books about the importance of the mind-body connection when trying to conceive. Really digging into this connection can only benefit you on this journey.

4: Connect to joy

Look for opportunities to bring joy into your life.  Infertility sucks the energy out of everything if you let it.  To combat this, find ways to have fun, every day. Enjoy the heck out of whatever you eat.  Have a dance party on the way to the fertility clinic. Go to the movies. Go on vacation. Whatever you have to do to add the sparkle into your life, DO IT.  Don’t look back at this chapter and see a bunch of stuff you put on hold because you were trying to conceive.

5: Make yourself priority number one

When you feel like shit, take a day off.  If you don’t want to go to that dinner you said yes to two weeks ago, skip it.  It’s so easy to lose yourself in the sea of appointments, injections, and uncertainties.  Put you and your needs first as you navigate it all.   Additionally, you can check out this post on Reiki for Infertility to add another self-care technique to your toolbox

6: As you are preparing for IVF, build a support system

Get some type of emotional support as you are preparing for IVF.  Be it a coach, a therapist, or a support group. Have a safe space to talk about your shit.  The emotional roller coaster a fertility journey takes on you is like none other. You need support, you deserve support, and I can’t urge you enough to find it. 

Preparing for IVF is intimidating, scary, over-freaking-whelming.  However, this is a chapter in your life and not the whole story. You can get through this.

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