About me...

I am a woman passionate about self-discovery and using everything in my life as a clue to what I can shift next.

"It is my mission to help women remember who they are at their core and to help them live the most fulfilling lives they can imagine."

Do you ever look back over your life and think “There!  That’s the moment it all changed for me!”?  I don’t either because I can’t pinpoint the part in my journey where I decided to give up all my bullsh*t and start living life from my truth.

One thing I do know is that I’m thankful I did hit that point.  I’ve had a lot of fun sifting through all the things that have held me back from living and believing my truth over the years.  The limiting beliefs, the societal programming, and all the other stuff that’s kept me from stepping into my power.

Learning myself and how to shift all that energy has been my privilege of this lifetime.  I haven’t done it gracefully but gaining this knowledge has helped me create a life that I’m passionate about.  And I’ve cultivated a pretty hefty tool bag that I am proud to offer my clients.

My mission now is empowering women who feel lost and alone on this planet to remember who the bleep they are.  Love-ability, worthiness, and beauty are all inherent, they are birthrights, even if you can’t believe it right now.

I revel in watching my clients sift through their own bullsh*t and step into their power.  Seeing them glow from a place of deep, dark sadness to finding joy and passion in every aspect of their lives is so, so beautiful.  And it’s really something I can get behind.

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