Let's add the sparkle back to your journey:

Reclaim yourself

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The journey to motherhood can look a lot of different ways and for some women, it doesn't look the way you always planned.  Your journey involves: 

  • obsessively tracking your cycle  
  • anxiously checking ovulation apps 
  • confusing early pregnancy symptoms with period symptoms 
  • shots, shots, shots (and not the good kind)
  • so much more money than you ever thought you’d spend to get pregnant 
  • doing anything and everything you can so in the end you see those 2 lines

Not only is the physical part disappointing, but the emotional rollercoaster is worse.  

The body that feels broken.  The feeling of failing as a woman.  The endless pregnancy announcements, gender reveals, and baby showers.  The stress on your relationship.  And when did sex turn into a chore instead of something you get to enjoy?!

Supporting you in identifying the things that will bring the sparkle back to your journey is what I do, because I’ve been there.  I will give you the tools you need to help you navigate the typhoon of emotions that come along with struggling to conceive.  We’ll restore your self-worth and self-trust so that you can approach your cycles or treatments with belief and confidence.  By the end of our time together, you will feel ready to face not only your conception journey but all the next steps after that, too.

I am here to serve driven women looking to find themselves again on their path.

Learn to LOVE your body and yourself

Learn to embrace YOUR journey (even when it feels like you've lost all faith)

When working with me, you have the support you need to transform your journey from one of grasping at straws to one of grabbing the reigns.

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Growing up, I never really worried about having kids.  I wanted to be that high-powered boss babe with the corner office.  I figured after climbing the corporate ladder and marrying my dream man, the kid thing would be easy.  Things had always come easy to me and I always did them the right way.  Graduate from college, establish the career, find the husband...then come the kids. How hard could it be, amiright?  

You can imagine my surprise when I landed the badass job and the even better husband, and we heard crickets from those babies we so desperately wanted.  The trying part was fun for a while but then it started to get really scary. My mind jumped to the worst places and I began feeling like a failure.  Was this some punishment for my past wrongdoings?

I totally isolated myself during my fertility journey.  I couldn't share my fears, doubts, or uncertainties.  No matter how much love and support I was offered...I felt alone.

We ended up seeking professional help.  And after 2 fertility clinics, 3 failed IUIs, one surgery, and one round of IVF, we were blessed with our little baby in July 2019.  When asked what the one thing I would have done differently, my answer would be that I’d found a fertility coach.

Someone who could help me

  • navigate the emotions I was feeling
  • see that I had lost myself to my conception journey
  • learn to trust myself and my body again
  • understand that even though things weren’t going exactly as planned, I was still a freaking rockstar

With a coach, you have someone in your corner who can help you weather the storm that is fertility issues.  You will become empowered and aligned with your journey. And together, we will have you feeling ready to take on whatever comes your way.

It is my mission to make sure that no woman struggles through this journey without the necessary support.  So if you are ready to take back your fertility journey, schedule a free discovery call.  Supporting you in this process would be my honor!

I have been blessed to know and have Sarah as an integral part of my life since I was 16.

Her faith in life is why I chose Sarah to be my most trusted confidant. I would turn to her for simple daily advice to some of the most difficult times in my life. She wouldn't always give me the obvious answer but lead me to the answer that I had within. She is able to clarify murky situations by guiding me to look at myself, my actions, my reactions and where I need to help myself. She has a soft way of tackling hard situations while giving you a difficult truth you may not want to hear. Her nonjudgmental disposition makes you comfortable to discuss any topic you may be facing. I will always trust that Sarah wants the absolute best for me in my life and would do anything to help me get there.

Sarah has been a Life Coach to many around her for many years. I am excited to see how many people Sarah will help reach their goals in life, and I'm proud to say she has helped me become the person I am today.

Brooke L.

Infertility Stress Support: 3 powerful strategies to help you manage the stress of infertility like a boss.

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Infertility Stress Support: 3 powerful strategies to help you conquer the stress of infertility like a boss.

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