About Sarah Mertzlufft

I am here to help you find yourself and what makes you happy. Motherhood after infertility is tough but I delight in reminding you why you worked so hard to get where you are.

"I was put here to help moms who've gone through infertility remember who they are at their centers. No two moms are the same, but it's my mission everyday to empower each one of them to live a life they love and show up as they best mom they can be for their families."

In 2018, we were finally looking at the finish line to a years long journey to have a baby.  The struggle to get pregnant was hard.  The heavy emotions and self doubt that come along with a fertility journey were not only all consuming…they were scary!

On top of that was the hot mess express that is being a first time mom.  Where you lose yourself but find out just how much you can love.  There never seems to be enough time to get anything done, let alone take a shower.  And where your needs take a backseat, and sometimes not even a seat in the car at all.

I fumbled and bumbled around trying to understand how to sift through all of the raging hormones and scary thoughts I was having.  And I figured if I had gone through this journey alone, many others probably did too.  Y’all, I couldn’t take that thought.  I had to do something about it.

The decision to quit my 10 year corporate career as an IT professional and become a fertility coach made zero sense.  But my passion and drive to help women find themselves after infertility and in motherhood pushed me forward. 

Coaching moms who’ve been through the infertility ringer is some of the most pleasurable work I’ve ever done.  Together, we’ve worked through facing fears, taking risks, and getting our hands on dream lives.

Doing what I love and having a coach myself even helped me to heal my body and become pregnant naturally.

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