Anxiety when things don’t go as planned: how to manage

One thing to know about me is that I am a Virgo through and through. I’m at my best when things go as they’re planned…and my anxiety when things don’t go as planned is palpable.

When I get up, I like to do my morning routine. When I set up work time, I expect it to be work time.

This morning, the universe had other ideas about my “plans” and I’m so happy I paid attention. 

Instead of checking off a whole list of routines and “shoulds,” I got some quality time with my husband, a free minute to myself while my kids played at the park before school, and an unexpected and so fun morning visit from one of my best friends.

Some version of me somewhere would have a whole lot to say about the interruptions or unexpectedness of this morning. But I’ve chosen a new way of thinking, one that’s more vibrant and full of possibilities.

Instead of letting my anxiety when things don’t go as planned take over, I choose to find presence in what is happening right now. I mean, yes, the dishes might have to wait and maybe my day isn’t starting off with the freshness I associate with my morning routine. But quality time with my husband, when the kids are asleep, is precious.

I am entering into a new era that has me checking in with myself more. To see what feels good versus what my stories say I should do. It’s a default back to my heart instead of my head.

And this morning, I asked myself over and over again as each new unexpected thing popped up, if I was being my happiest self, what would I choose to do?

Let me tell you, it wasn’t my checklist.

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