Embracing Change and Finding Comfort in the Familiar

Hi everyone,

Reflecting on the recent whirlwind of changes over the past six weeks truly highlights how dynamic life can be. It’s been a time of new beginnings and challenging adjustments—moving to a new home, transitioning my kids to a new school, and both Paul and I navigating new job roles. The mix of emotions has been draining and enriching, filled with moments of joy and struggle.

Amidst these changes, the concepts of self-compassion, grace, and mercy have become more relevant than ever for me and my whole family. This year has indeed been a testament to the fact that change is inevitable, and admittedly, it’s tough. The impact is far-reaching, affecting nearly everyone in my life in some way. Relationships shift. Some grow distant, while others become closer, each person coping with the change uniquely.

to master our breath is to be in control of our minds and bodies

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Through all this, I’ve rediscovered a powerful truth: breathing can anchor me back to the present, to myself, and to a state of ‘alright-ness.’ It reminds me that we will persevere no matter how overwhelming things may seem. Just as I have in the past, I find growth and strength in these transformations.

My journey with breathwork has deepened significantly over the past year. It has become a vital practice for navigating life’s transitions, serving as a tool for challenging times and a source of incredible natural exhilaration. More than ever, I believe in the transformative power of breathwork to reshape our thoughts and soothe the mind.

Having experienced the profound impact of this practice, I feel a deep calling to share and hold space for others, particularly women, to explore their relationship with breathwork. If you’re feeling the weight of pent-up emotions or wish to cultivate a more peaceful mental environment, I invite you to respond to this email. Let’s schedule a session where you can experience the benefits of breathwork yourself. Alternatively, you can book a session directly through this link.

Expect to hear more about the wonders of breathwork in the upcoming weeks. However, if you have any particular questions or need to discuss anything further, remember it’s always me here, ready to chat.


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