Find Your Happy! 30 Days of Gratitude: Journal Prompts

Thanksgiving is coming up! And while I’ve already got almost my whole house decorated for Christmas, Thanksgiving will never not be my favorite holiday. It comes with all kinds of love, food, and gratitude! If you’re looking for some gratitude of your own, hold tight because I’ve got 30 Days of Gratitude Journal Prompts for you!

This time of year is my absolute favorite because it brings out the very best in people. It’s also so easy to look and find love this time of year. People are all snuggled up in warm clothing. They get together and celebrate with good food and well wishes. Everywhere you turn, you see people giving to charities or putting on grand gestures to show someone how much they love them (hello car commercials).

You get to see people you haven’t seen and even do things you don’t get to do all year long. It’s such a fun time of year and it’s a good time to tap into feelings of gratitude.

What is gratitude

Gratitude is the practice of noticing all of the things that you are thankful for in your life. And maybe you are in a tough spot and/or you hate the holidays. That’s okay too because gratitude can help lift those feelings of heaviness the second you reach for it.

If you can find one thing to be grateful for…just one thing, you’ll be raising your vibration to one of gratitude. Do you like your water bottle? Maybe you’re in love with the color of your eyes. Or do you love the way a light rain feels on your skin?

Start focusing on that one thing and how much you love it and the Universe will conspire to bring you more things to be grateful for. Who knows, by next year, you might even have TWO things to be grateful for 😉

The best thing to do when you find something to be grateful for is to dig into your body to see what gratitude feels like to you. How do you describe the feeling? For me, gratitude feels like a big swelling in my heart and the feeling gets too big so it explodes into my face where I smile. The kind of smile that puffs my cheeks out really big and creases my eyes.

30 days of gratitude journaling prompts

One of my favorite Thanksgiving activities is gratitude journaling. I wish I could be one of those people that could keep to a 30-day posting on socials of all the things I’m grateful for…but, I’m not.

Instead, I grab my favorite journal, and a hot cup of coffee, and write a list of all the things I am in love with in my life. And you can too with the 30 days of gratitude journal prompts listed below. Let’s get grateful together.

But what makes gratitude so great?

The frequency of gratitude is one of the highest vibrations you can experience. It’s on the same level as love. In my opinion, it’s just a different form of love. And it feels so good to feel!

There’s also the science behind gratitude. It can physically change and train your brain. So as you begin to practice gratitude, you release “feel-good” chemicals in your brain. Then, your brain wants more of that feeling so it starts to look for more things that make you feel good.

Pretty awesome, huh?

My spiritual journey started with gratitude. I was in a pretty tough spot in life and honestly didn’t feel very grateful. I started to learn a lot about raising vibrations and feeling better. Gratitude was always listed as one of the ways to do so. 

I remember hating my job and going through infertility. But I always made time, every day for a walk around my building. I could call my sister or friends, look at the sky, and feel the sun. It was a little break I took, just for me.

I was completely grateful for that walk. It was one of the few things I felt grateful for at the time. As I started to focus on how much I loved that walk, everything began to shift. 

I got a new job, and so did my husband, his new insurance covered almost all of our IVF treatments. Friends began visiting me. My relationship with my husband grew stronger and stronger. We got pregnant.

The universe conspired to bring me more and more things to be grateful for.

These days, I don’t have as far to reach for gratitude. I find things to be grateful for every minute of the day most days. 

I am grateful to you for reading this. Grateful for my house, computer, and website. My silly cat sitting next to me watching our crazy fish.

Start small, I promise it’s worth it.

Are gratitude and intuition related?

As an intuition coach, ya know I’ve got to talk about how gratitude and intuition are related. So, the short answer is YES!

I believe that our inntuttion points us in the direction of gratitude. Intuition is that feeling that shows you what’s awesome in your life when you’re having a bad day. 

It reminds you that you are more than your circumstances, your body, and your feelings. Intuition helps you to see that you are an amazing human being who is capable of anything and everything you set your mind to.

Let your intuition guide you to what’s next for you on your spiritual or gratitude journey. 

30-days of gratitude journal prompts

  1. What is one thing I’m truly grateful to have in my life?
  2. What does gratitude feel like to me?
  3. What is my favorite childhood memory?
  4. Who is one person that makes me feel so grateful to have in my life? Why do I love them so much? 
  5. What do I love most about the holidays?
  6. What is my favorite thing to do in the wintertime?
  7. What’s my favorite thing to do in the spring?
  8. What is my favorite summertime activity?
  9. What do I love to do most in the fall?
  10. What is one animal that I am grateful exists?
  11. What is my favorite type of plant?
  12. What is my favorite part of the morning?
  13. What food do I love the most?
  14. What time of day do I love the most?
  15. Who do I think embodies gratitude?
  16. What is one thing that makes me feel comforted?
  17. What is a challenge that I am grateful to have overcome?
  18. What emotion am I grateful to feel often?
  19. What public figure am I most grateful for?
  20. What type of music is my favorite?
  21. What is my favorite thing to do every day?
  22. Who is my favorite person to be with?
  23. What am I grateful for in my spiritual life?
  24. What about your body do you feel most grateful for?
  25. What is your favorite feature about yourself?
  26. What qualities do you love most about yourself?
  27. What is your favorite vacation spot?
  28. What small gesture do you love giving or receiving the most?
  29. What is your favorite local spot?
  30. Who are you with when you feel the most grateful?

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