Microdosing 101: Your Path to Transformation

Everything you need to know to begin your microdosing journey

Meet Your Microdosing Wingwoman

Hey there! I’m Sarah, your microdosing co-pilot, certified by Mycology Psychology. Get ready to dive into the transformative world of microdosing! I’m here to help amazing women like you unlock your potential, find power in your challenges, and welcome more feminine energy into your daily life.

I've got you!

Why Microdosing is Perfect For You

Ways We Can Work Together

Supercharge your microdosing journey with 30 days designed to enhance your experience, deepen a practice, or get you through a project.  You’ll receive personalized support and practical tools to maximize the impact of your microdosing practice in just 30 days.

Embark on The Microdose Odyssey: 90 days of deep exploration, designed to cultivate a sustainable microdosing practice and empower you to identify, release, and shift patterns for lasting transformation.

Experience the synergy of Reiki and breathwork sessions, guiding you to embody presence, release stagnant energy, and empower your subconscious to rewrite patterns, complementing your microdosing journey.

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