website dev and content strategy for spiritual women
ready to build their fempire

what i do...

website design.


longterm content strategy.

i help spiritual entrepreneurs who don't want to mess with tech.

are you ready to use your website to catapult your business’s success?

do you want a designer who just gets you and your vision so you don’t have to spend a ton of time explaining?

are you looking for a fresh perspective on your biz and a new vibe to your website?

i've got you, babe

as the intuitive tech witch, i tune into the spirit of your website, put the technology you need into place, and build a longterm content strategy to help you grow your biz.

together, we’ll make huge steps into putting you at the top of your game and building your fempire.

"holy smokes, that was easyyy"

- you after getting in with the intuitive tech witch

do you have a project you're ready to hit go on?