How to attract customers spiritually using your website

If you’re new here, you might not know that my particular brand of awesomeness is blending technology and spirituality. I believe that your business and website have a unique energy and when you’re aligned with that energy, you will create the business of your dreams. So this week’s blog post is all about how to attract customers spiritually using your website.

I’ll walk through

  • What soulful design is
  • 3 ways it can help you attract your ideal clients
  • How you can start implementing a soulful design on your site 

Soulful Design

Attracting customers spiritually can be done using soulful design on your website. What is soulful design you ask?

Soulful design is when you use intention and alignment during the construction phase of your website development. You are checking in with your spirit as you create your brand and website copy. You are engaged with how your body feels as you create your opt-ins and blog posts. Therefore, you are creating a website with congruence and integrity.

Soulful entrepreneurs can get in their own way during website development because of the stories they have on repeat in their brains. Does this sound familiar?

I hate technology and I don’t need a website to attract clients

Even though my brand isn’t a good current reflection of where I am in my business, it’s fine, no one will notice.

Technology doesn’t work for me.

When thoughts like that are swirling around, there are most definitely energy blocks in the way of website technology. Look, I get it, not everyone loves technology. That’s why it’s so great when you can find someone who helps bring out the spiritual side of it.

You can use your understanding of yourself to help you learn how to attract customers spiritually. 

How to attract customers spiritually (using your website)

Let your website be a reflection of you

Be proud of the website you have to offer. Look at how it showcases who you are and the transformation you are promising.

Your website is a reflection of you and your business. So if you don’t have a website or if yours is a cluttered mess, that is a representation of where you are in your business. It is telling the universe that you don’t want to be found, that your front door doesn’t have an OPEN sign hanging on it.

When you can put full confidence in your website design, you will know how to attract customers spiritually. The flow of your business will be congruent. You have a clear path your customers take to work with you. There are no clogs, no places where energy can leak out or messiness can leak in.

A soulfully designed website also reflects the quality of your deliverables. It tells your prospective clients that you know your stuff. You know they are looking for you. And you are the exact right person to give them the transformation they are looking for. 

Where intention goes, energy flows

I love this quote by James Redfield. When you put thought and intention into your website, that energy infuses all throughout your business. Not only into your website but into everything you have to offer. Your opt-ins, blog posts, and social media marketing.

It’s like showing the universe how important your business, your deliverables, and your clients are to you…right from the very beginning. You know how to use your intentions to co-create pieces of magic! And believe me, your website can help you create magic in your business.

Clarity attracts clarity

As you are creating your business and getting really clear on your transformation, you also get very clear on the clients you wish to attract. When you create a website with that clarity, the words you use in your messaging speak to the very heart of the life-change you provide.

Your prospective clients will know exactly what you have to offer right when they jump on your website. Your opt-ins, headings, and blog posts will all be so crystal clear that your clients will be begging to sign up and work with you.

When you spiritually align with your business and have clarity as you create your website, you will attract the exact people you can help…it’s an exact match.

How do I learn how to attract customers spiritually?

Now, we get to the good part…how can you start implementing these things in your own site? First, you can grab a website audit here. I will look through your current website and give you an actionable plan for making your website one that helps you attract customers spiritually.

If you want some tips on how to attract customers spiritually without hiring an intuitive tech witch, you can do your own website audit. Take an objective look, through the eyes of your ideal client. 

Ask yourself if your website showcases how unique you are and if you are speaking to the transformation you offer with clarity. Are there places in your current funnel that could be improved? Are you clear on the process a client would take to work with you?

Another way to attract clients spiritually is to make sure that your website copy and design is full of congruence and integrity. Are you speaking to what you have to offer without trying to sound sales-y? Are you fully connected with your client’s longing and need for a transformation?

The final tip is to make sure you are clear on who you are wanting to attract and how you are marketing to them. If you need some help in that area, a good thing to try is some market research from your current audient. 

Take a poll or offer free 30-minute mini consults where you take the first 15 minutes to ask them about their issues. The next 15 minutes are for you to do what you do best.

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