How to manifest your dreams by writing

How to manifest your dreams by writing…it sounds so sexy, doesn’t it? Manifesting, for me, has been a confusing topic. I let everyone else’s ideas about manifesting and the pressure I put on myself to do things “right” cloud it.

So let me be the first to tell you that manifesting gets to be fun and EASY. And in my opinion, the easiest path to manifest your dreams is through writing.

The energy in the universe

When we think something, that’s a specific vibration. When we speak something, that’s a different vibration. Both of those things expand out but they are not concrete. Once they are thought or said, they are out in the ethers.

When you write though? You are putting something in physical form. Pen on paper? That can be saved for years, eons even.

Writing is a contract

Writings are sacred. Journals, diaries, letters, books. All ink on a page and look at the dramatic effect they’ve had on your life and on the world. 

When you write a letter to the universe, you are putting together a contract. A contract containing your dreams and desires and the universe loves to fulfill our deepest wants and desires. With something so concrete, the universe has no choice but to respond.

How to manifest your dreams by writing

how to manifest your dreams by writing

Here’s the how-to for the folks that are just ready to get a move on. If you want a deeper connection to manifesting and the process, keep reading.

1. Visualize

Visualizing is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal because it connects us with the feeling* of our desire.

Visualization exercise:
Sit somewhere comfy and take a couple of deep breaths.
Once you feel settled and safe, picture yourself pulling out your phone.
Open up your pictures and scroll through each of them.
Were you just on your fabulous vacation?
Are your pictures of the beautiful nature you experienced?
The people you were around?
Take a minute as you look at each picture to remember what happened when you were there.
Feel the warm breeze on your skin
Remember the conversations you had, the feelings you felt
Really put yourself back into the moments and the feelings of them

2. Write

Write out a pre-dated journal entry. Writing as if your dream has already come true, write a pre-dated journal entry. Dating your entry for the future puts the desired timeline to it which gives the universe more information to go on. An entry could look something like this:

We just got home from our dream vacation on the Greek Islands. I didn’t know how it was going to work but things just all came together. We spent our time eating delicious food and connecting with locals who were so kind and generous. I forgot time existed as I was so engrossed in the experience of international travel. We made life-long friends and already have another vacation scheduled with them for next year.

3. Gratitude

Smother your practice in gratitude. Gratitude for yourself for daring to dream. Gratitude for the people in your life who help make your dreams come true. And gratitude for the universe for putting together all of the pieces you don’t have control over. 

4. Surrender

Ahhhh, surrender**. Letting go of our human attachment to the outcome of our desire. You’ve just completed a contract with the universe. Now they know what you want and they’re getting to work. Your job is to look for the little clues to show you that it’s on its way to you and to stay connected to the feelings of your original desire.

*The feelings of manifesting

One of the biggest changes that took my manifesting game to the next level was realizing the following: Manifesting is only ever about the feelings you want to feel. 

It’s only about the feelings you want to feel when you get what you want. So as you are learning this practice, get swept away in the feeling of having what you desire. 

Feelings are literally at our disposal. Day in and day out, we get the choice of how to feel. You can spend your time feeling the lack of your desire…but what would it feel like to get excited in the anticipation of it coming?

And when you visualize and connect to the feelings? You’ve just manifested!

We are manifesting every second of every day…the peace, the calm, and even the crazy and chaotic. 

So when you find yourself caught up in feeling yucky or chaos, take a second to connect with the feeling of peace, calm, and love. Sit with that feeling for even 5 seconds and watch how it begins to take shape instantly in your outside world…you manifestation goddess.

**Surrendering to our manifestations

Surrender gets a bad wrap and it can definitely feel like something we can do right or wrong. In manifestation’s case, I believe surrender means leaning into trust. 

It’s like you’ve done your part by visualizing, writing down your dreams, giving gratitude, and staying connected to the feelings of your desires. These are the parts you can control. 

You and your feelings and your inspired actions. The rest is up to the universe or your God of choice. They will put together the meetings, drop the perfect partner in your lap, or put that check in the mail. 

The universe is our playground. And I don’t know about you but I’d rather spend my time sitting back and taking inspired action rather than trying to control all the goings on around me.

Surrender is all about trusting that the universe hears you and is working to support you. And you get to sit back and take your hands off the wheel. 

A final note

You are a manifesting goddess. You do it every day. When you see something beautiful, when something makes you laugh, or when you take a deep breath and connect to the awesomeness within you.

Check in over the coming days and take notice of all the badass things you manifest every day in your life. You’ll see there’s a lot more than you ever thought. Send me a message and let me know how it goes.

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