Journal Prompts for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Skip to the bottom for 10 journal prompts for spiritual entrepreneurs or stick around and read through to gain some perspective on starting a new business from someone who has been there…

You have the calling. The thing that’s keeping you awake at night. It keeps tapping you on the shoulder, letting you know it’s there. 

You’re dreaming about it, constantly thinking about it. And you’re to the point where you feel like it has to get out of you but you have no idea where to start.

It’s your new business! And journal prompts for spiritual entrepreneurs is a fabulous way to get into the meat of your energy around your business.

The best place to start

The good news is that if you have an idea for your business and it keeps reminding you it’s there, here’s your sign that it’s ready to become a reality.

Your business is ready to be birthed and you’re in the final stages of your pregnancy. As you begin to start navigating these uncharted territories, the best place to start is by checking in with yourself.

Listen to the thoughts you are thinking and pay attention to how you are speaking with yourself as your business is preparing to make its appearance.

An entrepreneurial journey is just as demanding as becoming a parent and it’s a whole lot easier to give yourself less grace than you did when you became a momma. Becoming a biz owner is also a lesson in self. 

A big lesson in self.

You learn how to be seen, have a voice, and be recognized. You learn how to navigate criticism and acceptance. Receiving and connection.

You do things that others don’t approve of or have a lot of negative feelings about. You go against the grain. And that, my friend, is why you need a good practice for checking in with yourself…journaling is a really good way to keep in constant communication with yourself and the journal prompts for spiritual entrepreneurs are a good place to start doing that.

Listen to yourself

Though that voice nudging you towards your business might still be small, keep listening to it. That voice knows the way. It knows you and your business so deeply.

When you start a business, there will be so many people that will have opinions about what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, and what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. It will ruffle feathers, and let’s hope it does. 

Getting out of your comfort zone should make you uncomfortable and if you’re uncomfortable, that will show up in other people as well. So you will hear things about the problems you will face as you start this. Or you’ll find people that say you should have this certification or that one.

The fear you are feeling on the inside will show up in the form of other people’s fears. That doesn’t mean you should quit. It actually gives you something to celebrate. You know you are changing when your fear starts to spiral outward. 

Instead of buying into what those outside voices are saying, stay true to the one inside. The one that is convincing you that you can handle this, no matter what. The one that says you are not responsible for the way other people feel about your business.

And if you stay true and watch, those voices of fear will get farther and farther away from you. It’s kind of magical.

Take action

As you navigate the beginning phases of business, it is so easy to get caught up in all of these things people tell you to do. They say you should have a website, brand, be posting every day…blah, blah, blah.

And while I do believe that branding and websites are (obvi) very important, they aren’t the bread and butter of your business in the beginning. The beginning is all about taking action. 

But taking action on things that will change your bottom line. Do things that will inspire your clients to want to get on the phone with you. Follow the actions that feel good. 

When I first started my business, I would sign up for any free course that offered me anything. Grow your email list to 100 people in 10 days? I’m in. How about learning how to brand in 15 minutes? Sign me up.

I spent so much time chasing things and learning about what everyone else had to say that I forgot to be taking action. No creating value. I forgot that doing things, even if they were the wrong things, was going to get me so much farther than sitting there taking a course.

F%ck the numbers

Please, please, please, if you are a numbers person, ignore them! Or at least use them to always make yourself right. 

In the beginning, comparing yourself to others with higher followers or each of your posts to the amount of reach they get, or the number of visitors you have on your website is one way to get so stuck.

It gets you stuck to the point where you can’t even move forward because you’re so focused on how you’re doing it wrong. Or if this was working, I’d have more people signed up. 

Let me remind you that your message, your posts, and your website are all amazing. You are amazing and no amount of likes or follows or website visits will change that.

I had a coach tell me that if I could be so focused on the numbers, then I wasn’t taking near enough action. So when you find yourself reaching for your analytics, either remind yourself that the numbers, no matter what they are, mean you are on the right track and you’re doing amazing, or put your device down and go find some action to take on your business.

Stay curious

My last piece of advice for new business owners or biz owners ready to give birth to their brand-new babies is to always stay curious. 

Stay curious about what’s showing up in your reality and the stories you are telling yourself about that.

Lean into what thoughts you are having and what you are making them mean about you and your business.

Show up for what’s happening in and around you with curiosity and compassion…those two emotions will always help you propel forward.

Journal prompts for spiritual entrepreneurs

  1. What thoughts do I have on repeat as I navigate this phase of my business? 
  2. Are these thoughts ones I want to be having? If not, what is a better sounding thought I could put on repeat in my brain? 
  3. What parts of starting this business are making me the most uncomfortable?
  4. Are the thoughts I’m having about these struggles ultimately true?
  5. What are 3 ways I can take action in my business today?
  6. What signs does the universe give me that I’m stuck in a mode where I don’t want to take action? How can I honor myself when I’m there?
  7. What, if anything, am I making the numbers in my business mean about me?
  8. How can I learn to trust that the numbers in my business are exactly what they are supposed to be?
  9. What part of my reality feels stuck and unchanging and how can I bring more ease into that part of my life?
  10. How can I lean into all parts of my life and business with compassion for where I am and where I want to be?

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