Journaling Prompts for Self Worth…Is worthiness a real thing?

Can I be really honest with you? I’ve had a journaling practice for pretty much my whole life but it never really got me anywhere until a couple of years ago. And who even knew you could find journaling prompts for self worth on the internet?

For a long time, I was journaling just to journal. It was a place where I could look at how pretty my handwriting was from time to time or to jot down bucket lists and other fun things.

As a matter of fact, I never really understood the point of journaling (besides that it was just a fun thing to do sometimes) until I was introduced to the Soul Writing Method in Janet Conner’s book Writing Down Your Soul. And I’d never even thought about following journalling prompts for self worth or any other type of self-improvement.

The book explores the special connection you have with your soul and, how using Conner’s method, you can strengthen that connection. Holy moly, is it powerful stuff.

The unworthiness trance

I started soul writing after learning about it from a friend. Paul and I had just moved to Arizona. We had also just had Charley who was 4-months-old at the time. And I felt like I was drowning.

At this point, the adjustment to becoming a mother, along with trying to process the 3-year long infertility journey we had been on, was getting to me. I couldn’t remember who I was anymore. Above all, I felt guilty that I wasn’t sliding into this role perfectly after everything it had taken to get there.

Without a doubt, I felt unworthy of being where I found myself in life. We were fortunate enough that I could stay home with Charley. We’d just moved back to Arizona for Paul’s job but it was closer to my family. And obviously, we finally had the child that we so desperately longed for.

It felt hard to wrap my mind around all that. Not to mention, I started a pretty intense spiritual and healing practice a couple of months before we conceived Charly through IVF. 

Along with those practices, I’d heard all the things about Law of Attraction and manifesting. Under those circumstances, I took from those things what anyone who doesn’t truly understand the beauty of them does: that if I was having bad thoughts and feelings, I would attract more bad things!

All of these things did a number on my self-worth…or lack thereof. And to be honest, I felt like a mess…which I do on occasion

Journaling Change My Life

In due time, I found soul writing, and little by little, things started to change. As I wrote, I started to find this version of me that I was in complete and total awe of. This version of me is kind, compassionate, and soft.

journaling prompts for self worth

She’s funny in a way that never hurts anyone’s feelings. Intuitive as I could ever imagine being. And she has patience in a way I never dreamed of. 

So this version of me? She knows how worthy she’s always been and she is showing me that all parts of me are worthy too. She doesn’t even need journaling prompts for self worth because she believes in every single part of me, even the ones that don’t feel worthy.

The trance of unworthiness

To be completely transparent with you, the topic of worthiness has been on my mind a lot lately. And to tell you the truth, I think it’s just some made-up bullshit the patriarchy put together to keep us small.

Logic would tell us that there is no such thing as a worthy or unworthy human being. Sure, in our trauma or trance, we place value on ourselves in terms of how we treat others, and how we treat ourselves. But is someone really less worthy than someone else?

Maybe we see our kids’ lives as more valuable than ours because if a mother had to choose to save herself or her kid, she’d probably always choose to save her child. But do you honestly think the Universe/Spirit/God sees it that way?

I honestly can’t imagine someone sitting up somewhere high in the sky putting a point value on the lives of humans.

Now to the good stuff

Now, if you want to go out and buy Conner’s book, I highly suggest it. However, you don’t need a devoted journaling practice to find your own self-worth. You can just follow along with the journaling prompts for self worth below to uncover the amazing goddess that you already are.

To clarify, some of these prompts might have you saying “I don’t know” as your answer. I 100% encourage you to respond to your IDK with “If I DID know, what would I say?” Our brains are primed to feed us up the same things they always do. So when something feels hard, our natural response is to say we don’t know and walk away from it.

Asking yourself if you did know, what would you say gives your brain a little wake-up call to take a different pathway. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the answers that come up. Pretty cool, huh?

10 Journaling prompts for self worth

  1. What do I absolutely love and adore about myself? Don’t shy away from this one. Obviously, it could be your cute feet or the way you snuggle up at night in a specific position. What about how you always order your coffee a specific way? Or how you want to save every stray dog on the planet. 
  2. In what ways do I trust myself? I know there’s more than one. Try to write down 3-5 ways in which you know you’ve got your back. For example, I trust myself to always make a really awkward comment when someone is sad. I trust myself to be able to really listen when my friends need me…etc.
  3. How do I already show up as the person I am so pumped to be? In what ways are you already the version of yourself that you want to be? i.e. Are you fun, and adventurous? Do you love your love of coffee or animals?
  4. Who makes me feel the most special? What do they do that makes me feel that way? This question is so special because it shows you that there are people in your life who love you for exactly who and what you are…in your eyes, you are more than worthy. You have everything they are looking for in their version of you.
  5. What is my favorite spot in nature? Can we all get on board with the fact that God/Spirit/Universe created nature and beauty and serenity just for us? So your secret spot that you love to go to? It was served up in all it’s glory just for YOU!
  6. In what ways don’t I feel worthy? Then walk through this list and ask yourself if this is ultimately true. Is it ultimately true that I am a terrible person because I slept with my best friend’s boyfriend? Maybe it is or maybe you just made a really terrible decision that you have lived with and beat yourself up over for long enough.
  7. What does feeling loved and safe and secure feel like in my body? Getting your body in on this is one of the best things you can do. Surprisingly, I don’t really think the opposite of unworthiness is worthiness. The opposite of unworthy is safety, security, and love. 
  8. If I could meet the version of me who felt completely worthy, what would she tell me? If you DID know, what would you say? For example, there is no such thing as worthiness so YES, you are worthy and let me tell you why…!
  9. What do I think makes a person “worthy”? This is another one of those where you write down everything and see if it is ultimately true. Is it true that someone is worthy because of a number in a bank account? Are they more worthy because they go to church more?
  10. How am I already totally and completely amazing and worthy of everything I desire? In what ways are you already completely awesome?

The wrap-up

In conclusion, it seems like this idea of worthiness comes in when we are talking about what we desire. Are we truly worthy of having everything we want? The short answer is YES!

Of course, we are worthy of having what we want…every single time. We are just so primed to get caught up in the stories we’ve been fed our whole lives. 

  • You gotta hustle to get what you want!
  • Work hard, play hard.
  • It’s not worth it if you didn’t work for it.
  • …and all the other BS your parents and society fed you as you were growing up.

What about, for the next few days, you put all those stories aside and cast the idea of worthiness off? Even more, play in the magic of the universe…and remember what a divine goddess you already are, the one you were born as.



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