Reiki for Infertility

“Reiki for infertility” were not words I would have strung together at the beginning of my fertility journey.  But my honest opinion is that reiki has a lot to do with why I ended up pregnant. Reiki is an energetic healing technique that aims to reduce anxiety and stress.  Along with reduction of stress, reiki also helps to center your energy and align your chakras. 

I heard about reiki about a year after we started trying to conceive.  I did my reiki research and the more I learned, the deeper in love with reiki I fell.  The benefits seemed endless. Then I started to wonder if reiki could help me during this fertility struggle.

I found the most awesome reiki practitioner and put my my reiki for infertility plan into motion.  Shortly after I started getting reiki, the dark clouds faded and my mindset started to shift. The weight of our fertility struggle seemed to lessen. My husband and I started to work together instead of against each other.  Reiki for infertility was working.

IVF is the route we chose and my mindset shift made a positive outcome the only option.  I received reiki all through our IVF journey. I even got a reiki attunement so I could practice reiki on myself.  Reiki did its job at reducing my stress but it also helped me on a more spiritual level.

Reiki for infertility shifted my mindset.  It helped me to realign my energy and focus on what was important: that I embrace my unique path to motherhood.  Once I was able to shift out of a victim mindset, my entire life changed. I highly recommend getting a reiki treatment if you are struggling with infertility.

I use reiki for infertility in my coaching sessions to help reduce any anxiety and stress you feel.  It also calms the energy during the session so we can make the most of our time together. If learning more about reiki for infertility and how I can help you embrace your journey to motherhood sounds interesting to you, schedule a discovery call today.

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