Spiritual Benefits of Laughter: 5 Things Putting a Smile on My Face This Week

A spiritual practice I’ve been loving is getting present with my laughter and feeling it in my body. It usually starts in my mouth, bubbles up to my eyes and cheeks, and then explodes into my heart and belly.

So this week, I wanted to share some things that have been putting a smile on my face in case you need some extra giggles in your life too.

1. My kids singing Pretty Girls Walk Like This

(Don’t judge…this song isn’t the most kid-friendly) They just sound so dang cute with their little baby voices. And when I  asked my 3-year-old how pretty girls walked, she said they skipped. Naturally, right?

2. Creating a new brand for a client

One of my old friends is killing the real estate game where she lives and asked me to put a brand together for her. It was soul-nourishing to collaborate on something that showcases how awesome she is…and that she will use to sell homes to families in her area. 

3. Reading for fun

I’ve gotten back into reading just for fun this year. My favorites so far have been Lessons in ChemistryRemarkably Bright Creaturesand Leaving Time. I’m currently reading Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult. Where are my book lovers at?

4. Working out because I love myself and I know my body loves it

I’ve started paying attention to how I take care of myself. My goal before I turn 40 is to have a consistent workout schedule. Mostly because I really love my body and it does so much for me…I want to return the favor.

5. Spring cleaning – done by someone else.

My husband and I splurged a bit and got a deep clean and carpet clean done this week and OMG! Can I tell you how amazing it feels to have basically a brand new clean house?! Walls and windows wiped down, tile floors gleaming, and soft carpet that I can lay on without getting crumbs stuck in my hair.

What are some things that have put a smile on your face recently? I’d love to hear some of them!

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