The Anger Coach and the Instagram Mom Blogger

I am due for a life update. The last blog I wrote was about how I quit 75 hard…and then I quit blogging for a hot minute. Sounds about right. I guess it’s not the best start for an Instagram Mom Blogger.

My year so far…

2022 has been a roller coaster. We started the year out with some health scares and some pretty shitty things happening to almost everyone in my family: me, my mom, my sis, my hubs.

Being faced with things like that made me really dig deeper into who I am and how I want to show up for myself and the people in my life. 

The first half of the year really felt like my family unit banding together in a way we haven’t done since my sister and I were younger. It also helped me to see how my immediate family (my husband and kids) fits together in a way that i hadn’t considered to that point.

It’s interesting how no one really talks about all the changes that happen after you get married. Your family changes and grows. Some relationnships expand while others contract. People show up for you in different ways than you expected.

It’s scary and hard and so different from what you imagine when you’re little.

Starting to gain clarity

Instagram Mom Blogger

The first part of the year also felt like huge growth for me as I’ve gotten more and more clear on what I want my life to look like moving forward. I’ve made clarity a priority in my life.

And one of my biggest realizations about clairty was that I could just decide to be clear. And as I’ve made decisions surrounded by that energy, more and more clarity has come to me.

It’s funny how life kind of throws you the same lesson over ad over until you are ready to hear it. I spent the last couple of years feeling unclear and feeling scared because I felt unclear. But the second I made a choice to be clear…that clarity came.

As I’ve gained my clarity, the dot I’ve been aiming at has become sharper and clearer too. Things that used to stand in my way have started fading out. Voices in my head have gotten quieter. My list of “shoulds” has gotten shorter.

This is the last month of my 37th year so I guess it’s only appropriate that I’m doing some reflecting. And as I reflect, I can’t help but marvel on the multitude of ah-ha’s that have presented themselves to me this year.

I also see all the ways that I’ve been able to deepen this relationship I’ve created with myself.

Is that what’s so awesome about approaching 40? You get to choose you, unapologetically. You get to see yourself in a light that’s never been shone on you before.

The noise gets quieter. My voice gets louder.

I’m ready to be an Instagram Mom Blogger

I was asked recently what I wanted to create over the rest of the year. And with that came this feeling that I’d really like to get back to – or into – blogging.

Writing is one of the ways I process the best. It’s a way I can help the noise stay quiet. And it’s a way that I find connection with other women.

And I also think about what if I just start showing up on this blog? Maybe even on days when I have nothing to talk about. Or a post that doesn’t quite make sense or have all the SEO in it.

I’ve become pretty clear that I want to make and keep the commitment to show up for myself, even when it feels messy and hard or I am distracted.

Anyway, that’s my plan…Instagram Mom Blogger, here I come. A plan that, today, I feel immense clarity on. You see, I want to share my life and my struggles and my wins. I hope you find some solace in these posts, someone who might be speaking the same language as you.

I hope this blog helps moms and women feel less alone, more understood.

And I’m scared that I’ll let myself down, as I’ve done a lot of times before. But taking that thought without placing judgement or the need to justify myself on it, I can see how as long as I keep making the commitment to commit, it will come.

I’m Sarah, The Anger Coach

This year has also brought me immense clarity on where I want to go in my coaching career and the women I am serving with that career. I had a very big aha in February that I can best serve the world by empowering women around anger.

It started off with some pretty powerful rage workshops, some really fun happenings on Instagram. I’ve added programs and been working to put my best foot forward.

It’s been a little intimidating putting my voice out there and speaking about anger. My hope is that in my stories and through my example, women will feel more freedom around anger.

Anger won’t be seen as this out of control emotional outburst. Angry women will be treated with respect and reverence for who they are and what they have to say.

Women will learn to harness the power of their anger to effect real change in their lives and the communities around them.

Working with and through anger is some of my most powerful work to date and I have absolutely loved stepping into this Anger Coach role.

So that’s my update. I am looking forward to showing up more regularly on here and I hope that you’ll come along for the ride, wherever it takes us.



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