The increase website traffic hack list

In this week’s YouTube video, I share 5 ways to increase your website traffic…or the ultimate increase website traffic hack list. And because you know I’m a lover of all things energy, I talk about some ways that our brains can get involved in what we’re telling ourselves about what the website numbers mean.

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Try not to get caught up in mind drama

You know it, I know it. Whenever you look at your website analytics, you begin a whole slew of crap about what the numbers mean. Or don’t mean.

I have to have 100 people visit my site per day or I’ll never sell anything.

If I don’t have 500 people on my email list, I’m a failure.

If no one comes to my site, my products are useless.

The website numbers mean what we make them mean. So if you’re going to make them mean something, make them mean something awesome.

I had 10 people visit my site this month, I am constantly attracting new people.

I got 7 email signups, that’s 7 more chances per month to sell my products.

Isn’t the second group of thoughts a whole lot better feeling? And what do you think the Universe will do with the energy behind the second group versus the first?

5 increase website traffic hack list

Make actionable offers on your social media platforms

Use action words in your reels, TikToks, stories, and captions like Click here, go to the link in my bio, or read more on my blog. If your goal is to drive people to your site to get them to signup for anything or to check out your work with me page…say so. 

People love a good call to action and they like to be told what to do. Help them out a little by giving them a little direction.

Use a consistent brand so people know it’s you

Having a brand with consistent colors and fonts is a good way for people to remember who you are. It also gives the feel of congruency and integrity. These are feelings you definitely want to impress upon your ideal clients.

When they feel like they can trust you, they are more likely to check you out everywhere, including the Work with Me page on your website.

Refresh/revise an old opt-in

If you have a stale opt-in that isn’t giving you the results it once was, give it a refresher. Change the language, put new energy into it. Give it the facelift it so deserves.

And then don’t stop sharing its value. Remind your audience why your opt-in is so awesome and will make their lives so much easier. 

Put a fresh spin on something a niche mate is doing

I am not advising you to go steal someone’s work. However, looking at what the people in your industry are doing well and seeing how you could put your own unique spin on it is the perfect way to get more traffic to your site.

Turn what they’re doing into a uniquely you version and talk it up. Let your email list and all your followers know about it.

Keep showing up wherever you do knowing your audience wants to hear from you

This is something one of my coaches always told me…assume your audience is dying to hear from you. They want to know what you have to offer and say. They want to be in all of your spaces. As long as you show up for them, they’ll show up for you.

The wrap-up

These ways are not covered in a lot of technical detail because you know that I believe it all starts with our thoughts and energy. If you put the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions, you’ll get results.

If you are looking for a fresh new website and brand, book a call with me here. We’ll make a plan and get you in a new “house” in no time.

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