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It’s finally here! My time to come out as the Intuitive Tech Witch. I’ve spent the past year trying to figure out where the heck I fit in. My background is in technology – graduated with a comp sci/math degree. But after being stuck in the corporate world and going through infertility, I changed my sites to entrepreneurship and coaching.

Coaching was…hard for me, to be completely honest. I’m not sure if it was the pricing or the marketing or my alignment with my offers or what. But I couldn’t get aligned with the money I needed to make to be able to support my family.

And to be real with you, it hurts a little bit to admit that because I really, really wanted to be a coach. I spent 2022 determined to make coaching work. I changed niches and offerings more times than I want to count. In about October, I had a huge realization that maybe I was trying to do things my way, instead of the way the Universe was guiding me.

So, I decided to take my foot off the throat of my business and let it show me what it wanted to be. I started to put my focus on the things that were fun for me…blogging, emailing, and connecting with people. And I did something I don’t always do, I had patience. 

I waited to see what would pop up without forcing my agenda. I kept telling myself that things were working in my favor, even if I couldn’t see that. And I kept moving forward, trusting, and patiently waiting.

The great ‘aha!’

One day, I was talking to one of my good friends who has recently made a big shift in her life and she was telling me about the last two website clients she had. She was trying to find a new VA for them but didn’t want to hand them off to just anyone. Without even thinking, I said I would take them.

I have been doing my own website for 3 years and even had a short contract with an old company to do theirs. But at that moment, when my friend was saying she needed someone was when it all clicked for me. I absolutely love technology. It is one thing that makes so much sense to me.

There are processes and different ways of doing things to make something so beautiful and tangible. But I am so excited to be putting my own spin on technology by blending it with spiritual practices. 

I will use my spiritual knowledge to help my clients come away with the website of their dreams. We will work together to clear beliefs about technology and entrepreneurship. Intuition will be the guide as we brand, design, and develop the perfect websites for my clients.

And that brings me to this blog post and the energy of your website. It is my firm belief that websites have their own energy. So whether you don’t have one or have one that you don’t love, that energy is being reflected somewhere in your business.

What if you don’t have a website?

Please believe me when I say that there is nothing wrong with not having a website. It doesn’t mean anything negative about you or your business. However, I do want to touch on the energy of not having a website.

Do you want to be found?

This is a good question to reflect and journal on if you are currently running a business without a website. There isn’t a way for your clients to find you without a website. If you feel resistant to having one, ask yourself if maybe you have a subconscious block.

It’s normal, especially when we start out as biz owners, to have our subconscious programming running the show. One of the ways that scared inner child takes the reins is by helping us stay small and unfindable. 

The struggle

When you don’t have a website, there isn’t an easy place someone can go to get an absolute sense of who you are, what you’re about, and what you have to offer. 

This can lead to you attracting clients who are addicted to struggling. And these clients can be tough ones! People who are addicted to struggle more times than not don’t want to get better. They love living in the struggle mindset!

The authority

Having a website gives you authority in your field. It says “I’m a legit business owner.” It gives you the space to position yourself as a go-to expert. With powerful testimonials or quotes, you can show visitors how well you know your stuff.

Without that stamp of “legit-ness,” you might find yourself attracting clients who aren’t legit about their own growth or the effort they’re willing to put in. You can find yourself with clients who are willing to be drug along while you do most or all of the work for them. You want clients who take responsibility for who they are and how they show up.

If you are just starting out and looking for someone to develop your website, make sure you are working with someone who takes the types of clients you want to attract as seriously as you do. You want a website that will show your prospective clients how easy it is to work with you and that you are an authority in your field.

A clunky/cluttered site

So what if you have a site that you don’t like or that is cluttered and kind of a mess? Again, no one is coming after you with a pitchfork but let’s take a moment to think about the energy that a messy website that you don’t love can subconsciously put out about your biz. 

Client attraction

When you have a website that isn’t a full representation of you and your business, you might attract clients that aren’t a full representation of you and your business. You’ll get a client that kinda-sorta meets some of the ideal client characteristics. They aren’t the fully aligned clients that want to be throwing money at you for your services!

A website that really shows off your uniqueness and has all of the characteristics that you value is what you need. This is the energy we want to be putting out about ourselves and our businesses. That is the kind of energy that attracts the full, exact version of your ideal client. One that is looking for the exact solutions you are offering…and one that is ready to pay you for your services!

Misaligned marketing

Another reason misaligned websites aren’t helpful is that the energy isn’t fully aligned with your marketing. You are trying to get your message out and maybe it’s not getting to the right people…or people aren’t engaging or responding the way you want them to. 

When we have messes or misalignments in our business, they show up in our marketing. You want cohesive marketing that is in full integrity so that you make sure you are saying what needs to be said and to who.

Deliverable quality

The third reason a well-designed, cohesive website is so important is that when you know you have a quality website, your deliverables are high quality too. Think about it, when you go to someone’s website and it looks good, what do you think about that person?

You think they have their stuff together, they know what they’re talking about, they’re an expert. And when you go to a website with spelling mistakes or that looks messy or doesn’t “feel” right, you aren’t going to want to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on a coaching program with them.

When your website is high quality, it shows your prospective clients that your offers and your work are high quality too.

If you are ready to hit Go on the website of your dreams, I’ve got you. Click here to schedule a discovery call with me. We’ll talk all things website, new or refab.

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