What a long-term content strategy says about your biz

If you are a biz owner and you hear words thrown around like short and long-term content strategy and you have no idea what they mean, you’re in the right spot.

This week’s YouTube video talks about 

  • What content strategy is (and what short-term vs. long-term strategies mean)
  • Why it’s important for your business
  • What having a long-term content strategy says energetically about you and your business
  • And two long-term content strategies I use for my business that keep driving traffic to my website year after year.

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What is a content strategy?

Content strategy is a plan for how you are putting information out about you, your business, and your offers. Think social media, blogging, YouTube videos, etc.

There are both short-term and long-term strategies too. Short-term is creating content for things like Instagram and TikTok. Content created on these platforms typically has a very short shelf-life. Think 24 hours to a couple of weeks (if you’re lucky and have the algorithm figured out).

A long-term strategy is when you are creating things like blogs or YouTube videos that live out on your website. They can drive traffic to your website for weeks, months, and even years. (I’m serious…I have posts I wrote 3 years ago that drive consistent traffic to my website)

The goal of a content strategy is to get people to know you, trust you, and sign up for your stuff.

Why is it important for your biz?

Having a strategy for how you deliver your content is imperative, in my opinion, to your mental health. Content creation can be overwhelming and a time suck…especially when you are solely creating for content platforms that have short attention spans.

Posting 2-3 times a day in the hopes that you get 200-300 views is not the way to create a sustainable business model. Especially if you are like me and would rather be focused on delivering your results.

Do not get me wrong, I love Instagram and TikTok and both are amazing tools to help you gain traction and get followers. And to have those followers fall in love with you so they want to buy your things.

A long-term strategy takes more time to do research on the front end. However, it delivers results for years. It keeps people coming back to your website over and over again.

What having a long-term strategy says about your biz…energetically

Now we get to the juicy part! 

Having a long-term content strategy puts out the energy of I am all in on my business. I show up for the long haul as the badass business owner I know I am. I am here to learn all the ways to continue to build this business. 

It says “I am here to stay.” It shows the universe that you are here to deliver the results that you believe in for years to come.

Also, it says: “What I have to say matters and will continue to matter.” Showing the universe that you fully believe in yourself and your message. And it puts you on the ground of knowing your message is going to change lives…for years and years.

You are showing up knowing that the results you deliver add immense value to the world. And that you can’t wait to deliver those results.

Finally, having a long-term content strategy says “I am committed to being found and being seen.” Those two things, when committed to, will skyrocket your growth both internally and externally.

My 2 long-term content strategies

There are two things I want to say before we dive into the strategies I use in my business. First, there is no such thing as a bad long-term strategy. The reason? Because the content you create is all repurposable. Whatever you create for the long-term can be cut up and used for the short-term and vice versa… win-win.

Second, I’ve used both of these strategies for years and they’ve both paid off in dividends. I consistently have website traffic from using these methods.


Both strategies use blogging as a base. And I will be the first to tell you that I think blogging is one of the greatest ways to add value. It’s such a good way to be open and vulnerable with your audience. Enhancing the relationship they have with you. Building trust with them. I LOVE BLOGGING!

Adding SEO to your blogs

SEO, search engine optimization, is the first strategy I use in my biz. SEO is a whole other post in itself so if you don’t know a ton about it, Google will help you out. It’s basically just putting keywords in your post so that you can rank in Google’s search results.

There are a ton of ways to use SEO in your favor and I promise, I’ll do another post about this in the very near future.

My strategy is fairly simple: blog about whatever I want to that day, be it something business or personally focused. If it’s a personally focused blog, I think of ways to tie it back to my audience. Then, I ask myself what my ideal clients would be searching for to find my blog as the answer to their prayers. That’s where I put my keyword focus!


Pinterest is my happy place when it comes to blogging! I know you are probably thinking that Pinterest is social media. And you are right. It does have a social aspect to it but let me be the first to tell you…it’s also a giant search engine.

Think about how you use Pinterest in your personal life. Searching for Christmas decoration ideas, curly hair tutorials, anything, and everything… just like you do with Google. Except for Pinterest, just gets you better.

Pinterest has fabulous analytics and ways to figure out the keywords you need to optimize your blog posts. It’s also another thing that has a ton of information that’s very Google-able. 

You can also optimize your profile with audience-specific keywords to help drive traffic. AND it’s super fun to use your creative side to make beautiful pins that people want to click on.

If Pinterest feels overwhelming, I offer a Pinterest management solution and you can check out all the details here

The end

There you have it. All the energetic and practical approaches to your long-term content strategy. I’d love to know what your thoughts are on them. Reach out to me on Instagram!

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