website design

technology with a spiritual spin

are you a soulful entrepreneur that would rather jump off a cliff than try to mess with a website?

do you have big visions and ideas and a solid offering that will change people’s lives but you have no clue where to start and how to get your plans in the hands of your ideal clients?

are you ready to have a website that reflects your absolute brilliance? one that positions you as the authority in your field? and to have something that aligns with who you are and the message you are putting out into this world?

if so, you’ve found the right space. i believe your website has a unique energy that has power when put to use. a website that aligns with your highest level of abundance and high quality deliverables. one that showcases the magic that you have to offer.


other tech

"i've got the site...
don't make me touch the tech"

maybe you already have a banging website but you’re in the market for a new opt-in and have no idea what email integration is or how to setup a pop-up?

or what about your SEO strategy? are you putting all your valuable content to use so people can find you?

maybe you need a new landing page with a thank you page redirect?

girl, that’s what i’m here for! i have experience in lots of different platforms (including squarespace and wix!) i thrive on helping you make the most out of your site.

and let’s be honest, having a website that works for you and showcases the best of you is what you need to attract your ideal clients (who want to throw their money at you)!

from this...

to this...

pinterest management

if you are looking to invite more ease and abundance into your business, pinterest management might be a good fit for you. 

not only does pinterest help you grow your following but your pins have longevity. meaning that your posts get people to your website for days, months, and sometimes even years after they’re posted. 

pinterest is a practice of being seen, showing up with authority and, delivering high-quality, valuable results to your clients

Hi, I'm Sarah

if i’ve learned anything as a biz owner, it’s that you have to do things your own way. it’s the only way (in my opinion) to create a sustainable business model. it’s the only way to stay lit up and excited about what you’re offering.

intuitive web design and biz coaching are what i’m passionate about. i help you gain confidence in your message, clarity that helps you solidify what you bring to the coaching world, and a beautifully designed website that helps you stand out and feel proud to be a coach.