You are your

Are you ready to start going within?

If you are struggling to find your answers. 
If you keep asking yourself the same questions over and over.
If you feel totally lost. 

You are in the right spot.

Hi, I'm Sarah

I have faced more challenges than I care to admit and through them all, I found my answer.  I was the person I was seeking.  I held the key to my happiness.  I found that when I stopped fighting and started trusting in my deep, wise, knowing self, stuff got good.

Learning the tools to heal my blocks to my intuition has been one of my proudest accomplishments.  Now, I share them with women who feel lost, like I have.

You are the answer you seek and if you don’t believe me, I can help you prove it to you.  Check out my coaching options below.


Single sessions - $175

If you aren’t ready to make a full commitment but are ready to shift some energy, this option is for you.

5 session package - $830

This package includes 5 60-minute sessions and access to me via Voxer for communication between sessions.

10 session package - $1575

This package includes 10 60-minute sessions with access to me via Voxer for communication between sessions.

Would you like to try before you buy?

To be totally transparent: long, drawn out sales pages where I rub your nose in
the things that are going wrong in your life are not my thing.  

And the first part of your journey to find your intuition is trusting yourself 
enough to trust me.  If you’ve got an inkling that we should work 
together, you’re probably right.

I also understand the hesitation to spend hundreds of dollars on yourself.
So, if you’d like to hop on the phone to get a feel for me, I’ve got you.

Click the button below to schedule a free, 30-minute call with me.
It helps us get a feel for each other to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.